With influences ranging from Blink 182, Green Day, Nirvana, 311, Matchbox 20, and Dave Matthews Band, The Hollow Decks are THE premier '90s Pop, Rock, and Alternative Cover band.


Experience the Multi-Award Winning '90s Performance of The Hollow Decks.

All four band members are '90s kids and lifelong musicians with a passion for the '90s and all its music!


The Hollow Decks show spotlights all the hits and flashes in the pan from the ‘90s as well as sporting ‘90s fashion and a witty repartee of jokes and references to the best decade of pop nostalgia for this generation of adults.

"The Hollow Decks seek to capture the lost enjoyment of 90's music and succeed so well, one half expects Kurt Loader and Serena Altschul to pop up in between sets with MTV News flashes. Tongue-in-cheek humor speckle a set that ranges from the angst of grunge to the sparkle of pop and every other period genre in between. Consummate professionals, The Hollow Decks drive themselves to the most true-to-origin recreations of great 90's hits as well as shining light on some great songs that slipped through the cracks of their time. All the sonic best of Generation Y wrapped up in a neon slap bracelet ... with bonus Pogs."

Michael Brooks, Fmr. Booking Manager, Tiki Bar and Grill, Shreveport